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The Path to You   
04:05am 28/02/2012
mood: amused
Somewhere deep in my soul my heart lays caged, awaiting release
Virgin love, so delicate and as pure as white lace
These blossoming feelings will free me from my shackles
The moonlight shall illuminate the darkness
My path will be revealed, onward to the future, to freedom
A diamond road of twinkling stars guides me to you
Though you are far away I know the journey is worth it
This path is mine and my virgin love is for you
Mystical Beings
Sad haikus   
04:48am 17/02/2010
mood: rejected
I hate you so much
You really don't care do you
I wish I was dead

I like when I bleed
It relaxes me so much
It helps ease the pain

Drinking helps a lot
Numbing alcoholic bliss
All to forget you

It sucks that I care
I always seem to get hurt
Left alone again
Mystical Beings
Lonely Rain   
04:09am 17/02/2010
mood: crushed
Raindrops hanging off your coat like tiny glass balls
The moonlight reflecting off each one
Reflecting the vision of my saddened face
Tears well up in my eyes as you speak
My heart dies a little more with each word you say
Your lips move as I beg time to stop
Anything for the pain to end
The weight of the pouring rain is nothing compared to how heavy my soul feels
The clouds move in to shield the moon's rays
The light in my heart dims as well
As yuo leave I wonder if it was worth it
All the good times...could they ever match this pain?
I'm left alone to ponder as I stand in the rain
Silence creeping in as you have finally stopped speaking
Alone in the dark as my heart keeps breaking
Mystical Beings
Moonlit Dance   
01:03am 01/01/2010
mood: pessimistic
Life your hand and pull me towards you as we dance on the moonlit floor.
Twilight shimmering off of my pearl dress as the frills spin like a carosel.
Hold me tight as the music dies.
I'll miss you after tonight.
Love brought on the trails of the full moon seem like a dream come daylight.
My heart beats for you.
My eyes twinkle for you.
No matter what you do, just don't stop dancing.
This melody will be with me eternally.
Even when the moon's holy light fades
My love for you will continue to shine.
Pulling away from me to stop the dance
So far away, my heart still remembers this song.
I'll dance alone until the next bright night.
Shades of the moon hidden in my pearl dress.
Glimmer's of the stars trapped in my ears.
I just want tonight to last forever.
The waves of my love flow like the ocean being pulled by the power of the moon.
Come back and kiss me so we can dance again.
Mystical Beings
Wedding Dreams   
12:58am 01/01/2010
mood: blah
A girl's faint pink lipstick hide virgin desires
Chasing after you, her first love
She hopes for a love like her mother's
Wedding dreams, eternal cycle of a diamond ring.

Virgin pink lipstick staining your cheek
Love's tattoo claiming its next victim
She hopes for a family like her own
Dancing down the aisle, purity of a white dress.

Tears drip down to pink painted virgin lips
First love brings first heartbreak
She hopes for a happy ending like in the fairy tails
Wedding bells, sadness hidden by a veil

A girl's fading pink lipstick reveal virgin desires
Chasing after you, her only love
She hopes you will always treat her like a princess
Throwing the bouquet, eternal wish of a wedding ring.
Mystical Beings
Twinkle in My Sky   
05:34am 29/12/2009
mood: rejected
Your love is like faint twinkle in the dark night sky that is my soul.
Small hope for a better day that I don't think will come.
We're too far away, our energies don't meet and thus fade away.
I'm waiting for nothing, my sparkle is dying as the light of my heart dims.
Broken so many times as I continue to chase after every one of love's stars.
Each one burns my hands when I grab on.
I'd let myself be burned if only to hold on a little bit longer to that twinkle.
But by the time I'm scorched
Love just decides to move on without me.
Broken, burned, used and dying
I'm left alone each time.
Too far from you, too far form them, too far from myself.
Waiting in vain for the next time I see a twinkle in the sky.
Mystical Beings
What is the "deep end?"   
01:49am 23/02/2008
mood: apathetic
The deep end is where you fall when you have nothing left.
Where you fall when you know you have no one to catch you.
Everything is peaceful when you're cascading off the deep end.
Wishing that when you land it's painful and messy.
People fall off the deep end when nothing else matters.
No matter what anyone says or does it's all lies and gibberish.
You may not understand the point of the deep end but neither does the person that falls.
To them it's an end to the madness and the sadness.
A way to stop the voices, the paranoia and the pain.
What is the "deep end?"
I don't know really.
Let me fall and find out.
Mystical Beings
Fantasy of the Heart   
03:46am 24/06/2007
mood: blah
I want to get sucked into your world.
I want to live the fantasy that leads to your heart.
The road seems dark and harsh.
The journey seems long and bitter.
However, knowing at the end f my pilgrimage I get to see you...
That makes every hurdle jumpable.
That makes every battle winnable.
That makes every challenge beatable.
To make it to you is the fantasy of my heart.
Mystical Beings
Gothic Hallmark Card   
02:29pm 06/07/2005
mood: amused
Roses are red
Violets are...still red
Red like the blood from my wound
My wound because of you
You who fucked that prep and didn't appreciate my love
Love as dark as the night
Night which embraces my gothic soul
A soul I never really use
Used, these words are over used like a tool
Tools, we're all tools in this happy, sunshine world
This world that doesn't understand our gothic love
Love that never ends, even if you or I die
Die and lie in the graveyard where we met
Now I meet my death...

Happy Birthday!
Love, satan_loves_goths_n_emos666
Mystical Beings
10:29pm 17/12/2004
mood: working
Nature is the floor that we stand on, we take it for granted
Without it we'd be dead.
Witout the trees we could not breathe.
Without the ozone we would burn in a day.
Without the water we would not drink.
Without the pollution animals would not be extinct, and the ground and air would be clean.
Without aeresol cans and air conditioners, the ozone would not have a big hole.
And without me the world not be as bright.

(another old poem written at away camp)
Mystical Beings
I Seem   
10:06pm 17/12/2004
mood: working
I seem to be an owl after a mouse
But really I am a sheep looking for grass.
I seem to be a mighty lioness after a zebra
But really I am a mouse looking for cheese.
I seem to be a graceful dolphin after fish
But really I am tree looking for sun.
I seem to be a deadly snake looking for food
But really I am a pen looking for paper.
I seem to be a hawk after prey
But really I am leaf waiting to fall.

(And the last one I found. Hey, they may not be great but I was like...12)
Mystical Beings
Moon Butterfly   
10:03pm 17/12/2004
mood: working
As I look up in the night sky
I see a pretty butterfly
It looks so graceful in the air
It lands upon my onyx hair
The moon shines so softly on each wing
As a song to a butterfly I sing
Oh gentle creature in the night
You are such a beautiful sight
On your wing's faets I see the colors of the rainbow
My face with happiness starts to glow
Oh butterfly of the moon
I hope to see you very soon

(another old poem I found from 8th grade as I clean out my desk)
Mystical Beings
10:01pm 17/12/2004
mood: working
Giver of life
A sign of God
Sweet, sweet light
Ray of warmth
I feel the love of the sun in every golden ray
Never stop shining
O giver of life
O sign of God
O ruler of the day
O conquere of night

(this was written back in the 8th grade. lol)
Mystical Beings
Stupid poem I wrote in class today   
06:47pm 04/10/2004
mood: bored
I'm oh so bored as I sit in class
time as slow as sand in an hour glass
The stench of bad perfume burns nose
as I sit around these ghetto hoes
This silly poem bids my time
Damn I'd like a soda flavored lemon and lime
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My greatest pain   
04:55am 18/07/2004
mood: sleepy
I feel it
Your emtional shackles holding me down
My soul crys for freedom an end to the run around
Don't you feel beat?
Can't you feel my body heat?
I'm alive and need to live my life
I'm dying again, every day I rot away
You hurt me, make me bleed and cry a thousand tears
How can I break over and over again?
How can I bandage the wounds you gave?
My soul seeks the grave
You hurt me, break me, kill me day by day
I am my own worst enemy
How do you escape yourself?
Why do I kill myself everyday?
1 Faerie - Mystical Beings
Not to worry   
04:48am 18/07/2004
mood: sleepy
I'm still alive...I'm just bad at updating sometimes. ^^;; I'll try and keep up with this journal and my poetry in general more!
Mystical Beings
09:39pm 10/06/2004
mood: horny
Words bleeding from my mouth
Tears running down my wounds
I'm screaming for freesom from this world
The gods and demons laughing at my pain
Hope shattered like cheap glass
My screams lost in the darkness
Nails ripping through my flesh, digging for my heart
Am I too lost to be saved?
Is it too late for salvation?
I'm breaking and shaking down on my knees
All I really want is to be free.
Mystical Beings
Oh so close to me   
05:38pm 20/02/2004
mood: anxious
Rolling over with sleep filled eyes, I look for the one that lies
Oh so close to me

I reach out for your form that differs from the norm
I need you oh so close to me

Like awakening from a dream so sad, sleeping alone makes me sad
Thinking of you oh so close to me

My bed seems far too plain, I can never truely be sane
Until you're oh so close to me
3 Faeries - Mystical Beings
08:47am 03/02/2004
mood: awake
My heart goes a flutter
My breathing getting quicker
A soft pant, a soft pant
My checks go red

I lean for the kiss
You grab my tightly
It's not like beforre
This time, it means something

A soft pant as I hold on
Lips held tightly together
You touch me so softly
My body shivers in exctasy

I want you, I need you, I must have you
It tastes good, it feels good
Your body so strong and hot
My lust grows more

You are my love, I am your treat
"Don't touch me there!"
The growing lust
The soft pants

From a kiss to this
All my worries go away
I never want this moment to end
You make my pants turn to screams.
5 Faeries - Mystical Beings
The Worst   
08:41am 03/02/2004
mood: blah
Hurt and alone
Depressed and down
Darken world, so hard to brighten
All alone, never to belong
A room full of love, I stand alone broken and scared
False laughter, false smile
Love? What is that?
I wish I could belong, I wish I was like the others
Not pretty enough, not smart enough, not good enough
Confused and dazed
Clouded heart and broken wish
Alone forever, I wish I could love
Not good enough, not like the others
I wish I could be the best
Instead, I am the worst
Mystical Beings